Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Breyer and resin horses

I finished repainting this darling little Breyer miniature donkey. Isn't he cute? He is for sale on Ebay right now.

This gorgeous little guy is an artist resin that I painted for the casting company, Resins by Randy.
He is about 4 inches tall. My main source of income is painting artist resins. I buy them unpainted and then paint them in realistic colors and patterns and sell usually on Ebay.
I also take orders to custom paint artist resins that folks have bought unpainted and need an artist to paint them. I paint these with an airbrush, all detail being done by hand.
I usually paint resins on a daily basis.

Another days work

I worked a bit on the background behind the left horse so I could start on his forelock and mane. Worked a bit on the other horses.
I am using masking for parts of the manes and tails but there is always a need to use white gouache for the tendrils on the hair that is flying around. I don't worry about using a non transparent watercolor as most shows these days accept that unless you are doing a show specifically for transparent watercolor.
I do a lot of negative painting in and around the hair, adding the background color so it looks as if you are looking through the hair.