Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rottie watercolor

I decided since I had to get this painting done and posted to Ebay right away that I would attempt to paint it outside while I had the kennel doggies out to play in the yard.
It was a nice sunny morning that later turned into pouring rain, typical of Pacific NW weather in June so I was glad I got out early.
I am really working on changing my painting style a bit and am concentrating on painting shapes more than detail.
I think this one shows that and for once I am happy with how it turned out.
Maybe it was painting outside on a gorgeous morning that did it. I will have to do that again!

New Cooper resincast

This one is a resincast by Resins by Randy sculpted by Sue Sifton. I painted him my usual way of painting a pinto which is to airbrush the coat color on first then add the white pinto markings. It takes forever to get the markings on because you have to do them with very watery color or the white paint doesn't go on smooth. There are probably at least four hours into this one just on the white markings.
He was painted for Deb Buckler, Resins by Randy.

New Buster resincast

I have been working on sculptures this week although this one was completed about a month ago. This is the Buster resincast from Resins by Randy sculpted by Yvonne Davey. I painted this one with a new technique with my airbrush. Normally I do all the pinto markings by hand but with this one I did a lot of the roaning with the airbrush and only a small amount by hand. He was fun and is now sold.