Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another art award from Jane Augenstein

Thank you so much Jane! I am thrilled...

Now I have to list seven things that I love, then pass the award on. Here they are.

1. I love my family, kids and grandkids and all the extended folks.

2. Love my animals. My dogs. Three chihuahuas, Nacho, Jack and James. One Miniature Pinsher, Tazzi, one Senegal parrot, Baby and one California Desert Tortoise, Ernie.
Soon to come will be lots of little baby chickens!

3. My friends, both artsy and otherwise. I love you all.

4. My worldwide friends that I know through various online groups.

5. Nature in all forms. Animals and plants especially.

6. A 75 degree summer day with blue skys and a slight breeze with my kennel dogs playing on the grass around me.

7. Good Health and a good heart.
Here are the blogs I plan on sending the award to: