Monday, October 26, 2009

Gracie and Glory Be

These little cuties are Gracie and Glory B. They are a tiny pom and a small long hair doxie. They are so funny because the Glory B (the doxie) is scared of everything and has to have Gracie the teensy pom take care of her. If she gets out of Glories site then she has to run find her immediately. She prefers to go out and potty and run back into her "house", the kennel and get snuggly in her bed. Gracie would rather be out in the cold and rain getting some air! Of course with Gracies coat I am sure she is never cold.


This is Jango. He is a Yorkie puppy. He first came this summer and spent quite a few weekends with me as his owners hiked around the Pacific NW. He is a quite gregarious puppy and tons of fun so I had the pleasure of watching him grow up.


This is one of the few cats that I take in the kennel. He first came with his huge chesapeake bay retriever pal so of course I had to take him too. He is the hugest cat I have ever seen. He towers over my tiny dogs and loves them all. They wind around in his legs and climb on him when he lays down and he thinks it is wonderful. Of course being as huge as he is I am sure he isn't worried about my tiny doggies. His doggie pal had to leave us last year due to old age but Felix came by himself this year and did fine. His owners live in California and leave him here when they visit here for the summer on and off.