Friday, October 2, 2009

Rosine step 2

I am working very slowly on this as I want it to be the best possible and I need to calculate along the way.
The first glazes are on that will guide me a bit when I model the horses body. Still working on the head and have blocked in the color that will be underneath the forelock.


Buster is just the funniest and lovingest dog ever! He has only been here twice, but he spent the entire weekend he was here this year convincing me that he needed holding so the "boogie" dogs wouldn't get him. Now he is not a tiny dog, he is a basset mix of some sort so is about the size of a large doxie but he has the cutest stocky legs like the basset with the ears of a beagle and the cutest boxy head you have ever seen. If someone could breed for this look, it wauld be a hit. Can you tell I love this dog????