Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

I am honored to receive the Kreative Blogger Award from my watercolor friend Teresa from Spain.
As such, I need to list seven things about myself so here we go.
1. I am a watercolor artist specializing in animal portraits.
2. I also airbrush in acrylics, resin horses for resale.
3. I am a dyed in the wool animal lover.
4. I have three rescue chihuahuas and one Miniature Pinsher.
5. I belong to TIBBP, an international horse rescue group.
6. I raise pure bred endangered chickens.
Now I have to pass this award on to seven bloggers that should be included in this list of recepients.
1. Joy McKenzie
2. Doris Glovier
3. Rhonda Carpenter
4. Ruth Bodycott
5. Susan Roper
6. Donna Elio
7. Kathy Nessith

Thanks Teresa!

Oreo and Jax

These two little doggies live together and they are quite the little farm dogs. No foofoo for them! Jax however is the male and he is sooooo sweet. Every time he is here, he makes me pick him up and then he throws himself over on his back on my lap and just stares up into my eyes with this dreamy look on his face and begs for tummy rubs. Oreo is a bit more standoffish but with Jax around she doesn't have much chance.