Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rosine step 4

A bit farther on Rosine. I emailed the client for this portrait and found out that the horse is actually darker than the photo shows, almost black so I have added a few more glazes to darken up on the head. I believe I am about done there and will start doing the detailing that needs to be done on the head. I will be working on the body of the horse but want to keep the detail on that to a minimum so the head will be the center of interest.

Elvira and Dolly

Here is my post card for today. I haven't been able to work on them for the past couple of days because the kennel has been busy and I have been working on and off on the horse.
So.............Elvira is a sweet little doxy and Dolly is her daughter who is doxy and yorkie. Elvira is old and moves slowly unless a chicken is in the yard, then look out! She suddenly becomes a pup again. Dolly is a ball of energy. She loves to explore everything. Can you tell which is which?