Sunday, October 26, 2008

Abby, Andy, Ashley, Bandit

It's that time of the year again and I am starting on my watercolor Holiday cards. Each year I do a watercolor sketch on post card paper to send to all my clients who have left me in charge of their fur babies at some time during the year. I love each and every one of these little critters and it is a pleasure for me to paint them and present them to the owners.
So...................I have about 60 to do before December so here are the first ones.

Abby, Australian Cattle Dog

Andy, Chesepeake Bay Retriever mix

Ashley, Poodle

Bandit, Shih Tzu


This is another for my animal art group. It sold on Ebay. The theme for the week was Whimsey and I just thought this cute little squirrel really fit the bill. Add some balloons and some big flowers and there you are!

Havanese doggie

This is a Havanese which I painted as a thank you for a friend who has sent clients to my boarding kennel. Havanese are such cute, happy little dogs but difficult to paint since they have so much fluffy hair.


I recently completed this little resin colt for a customer. The resins name is Fabian.
He is airbrushed with acrylic.


I have been doing a few small paintings for one of my Ebay animal art groups and this is one. It is actually my daughters dog, the photo was taken on a wonderful sunny day in my back yard and I just love the pose so figured I would paint it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cassidy and Rebecca

These two lovely horses are some that were rescued by TIBBP member Kathleen Prince.
She commissioned this portrait after the foal was born. These are Fjord horses.


This painting was done for a challenge on one of my art groups. We were to paint a Clumber Spaniel. I found a gorgeous photo which the photographer allowed me to use as a reference. It turned out that this lovely dog had gone to the Rainbow Bridge so I felt even more like I needed to paint her.
This plaque was sculpted by TIBBP ( The International Blessed Broodmare Project) member, artist Kelly Savage from the UK. I in turn painted it and presented it to the first member of our group whose adopted draft mare gave birth to a 2008 foal. This plaque was painted the colors of the actual mare and foal.
The TIBBP is dedicated to saving as many horses as possible from the slaughter houses and places them in the best forever homes. This year we saved over 80 pregnant draft mares from the PMU farms. If you would like to read more about this great and blessed group of animal lovers and artists, please go to this url:

Draft Team

A friend from the horse rescue group I belong to took a driving team workshop a few weeks ago and came home with some awesome pictures. She graciously allowed me to use some of her photos as reference for my watercolor paintings.
This is the first one I have done.

This was painted on hand made 100% cotton rag paper made by Twin Rocker Mills. I ended up putting this over a mat instead of under it to save the look of the deckle edges.
This painting is a portrait of a sweet dog that has gone to the rainbow bridge and was commissioned by her owner. Her name is Marley.

Colorful Lizard

Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been really busy as most folks are these days.
I painted this for a project on an advanced watercolor group that I belong to. We were to use two complimentary secondary colors and one earth color.
I chose yellow orange, ult. blue and quinacridone gold.