Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I started on a portrait commission of a lovely mare yesterday and I feel it is coming along well so far. This was a very loved horse but the owner lost her recently and a good friend of his asked if I would do this for him. Of course I said yes so here is the start. I will try to post works in progress as I go along.
This is Rosine.

Buddy, Radar, Tucker

My painting class bagged out on me today so I did another post card instead.
This is Buddy, Radar, and Tucker. All three are Jack Russel Terriers. Jacks are very active and obsessive compulsive dogs. Once they decide on something, no amount of trying to change their mind is going to work!

Monday, September 28, 2009


This one is Buddy. Although I have only had him once, I feel I have captured his look even if I haven't captured his personality. It takes a couple of times to shine through. He is a lovely sweet dog though, a beagle and I look forward to having him again.


This is Beau. He is a rescue like many of my dogs are. He has been coming for about two years now and at first was very wary and had a permanent scowl on his face. His markings are part of it, they are very unusual and make him look mad most of the time but now after all this time, he has become trusting and sweet. He is one of my favorites, well shoot, most of them are favorites!! He is a papillon mix and full of energy. Just look at that smile! No more frown for Beau!

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is Blue, an Australian Shepherd. He is a beautiful dog and his eyes are spectacular.

Friday, September 18, 2009


This one is Trotter. He is a very high energy little guy but very sweet and playful. His owner is 88 years old and I have no idea how she handles him but she loves him and he adores her so that is all that matters. He gets all the dogs running around and around in the play yard until they are all just a blur.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Princess and Dutchess

I don't usually take cats but the black and white one (Princess) has been coming for about three years, she started as a kitten and this year she got her own kitten, Dutchess. They are very nice kitties and don't offer to scratch or bite me like some of them do!
Gina :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This is Opie. He is a Havanese and like all Havanese is very friendly and playful. He is a fun and funny doggie but always looks sad.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maddie and Millie

This is Maddie and Millie.
Maddie first came to me with her older dog friend when she was just a tiny puppy, and I mean tiny. Weighed about one pound. She romped and rolled around here and had such fun. Then tragedy struck and her older friend was taken by a coyote the night before her owner was leaving for a trip. Maddie came anyway and stayed many many times with me and my dog Tazzi became her second mom.
Then about a year and a half later came Millie. Now Millie is a very gregarious pup which I think you can see in the painting and has also grown up here. Tazzi has become quite disgusted with Millies antics because Tazzi is Queen. Maddie is sedate and quiet while Millie is just a little Princess monster. They are both very small Silkie Terriers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ashley is a sweet little poodle that has been coming for several years. She spent her last week of life here with me and I am so happy that I had this time with her. She did very well and enjoyed her stay very much. The owners were anticipating having to put her to sleep but she did so well here that I thought she would be OK for a while longer. Unfortunately a few days after she got home she went downhill again and had to leave us. This is her final portrait.

Tilly, BJ and Tonka

I am starting up on my dog watercolor sketch portraits again and have a bunch to finish before the Holidays. I paint each dog quickly on a watercolor postcard and send to my clients from my dog boarding kennel.
These cuties live together and are just a great little group that is tons of fun.