Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Every year I try to do quick watercolor sketches of my little boarding kennel dogs and cats on postcards and send to the owners at Christmas time.
I decided that this year I would get a head start on them as I will probably have about 50 to do this year.
This cute little guy is BJ, a face washing machine. When he finished with your face, he delights in giving love nibbles on your nose and chin.

Bull Elk

I feel very fortunate to have the use of a photographers fabulous wildlife photos as reference for my paintings, so I offered to paint one of her favorite photos for her.
This photo was taken in Colorado of a spectacular Bull Elk.The photographers name is Linda Schrag. Thank you so much Linda!

This is a watercolor painting of some of my hollyhocks. I think this flower has to be one of my absolute favorites. I used Twinrocker watercolor paper which I love for the brightness and true color. There is no color shift using this paper.