Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is Zoey. She was new here and her owner assured me that she would be no problem. He dropped her off on his way to the airport to Hawaii for ten days and by the time I had walked him out and then went back to the dog, she had torn the wire off the gate, broken the latch and was digging a hole to China. Nice dog...........NOT! Well, out of desperation I ran hot wire across the gate at the bottom and in the middle and she hit that twice and decided she needed to be a nice girlie and never got out of line again.
We definitely had a meeting of the minds and she was perfect for the rest of the time.

This is Jersey. She was given a customer of mine after they had to give their little dog away as he was starting to bite the kids. Jersey is a German shepherd mix and very nice. She enjoyed being with the little guys and was quite eager to play with them.

This is Maddie and Bailie. Maddie is a Silky terrier pup and Bailie an Australian terrier. I had them several times over the summer and got very attached to both. The night they were to come back to stay for two weeks their owner called and told me that Bailie had been killed by coyotes. Broke my heart as well as the owners. Maddie came anyway and since she had my little ones to play with she didn't miss Bailie too much. She will be back on Monday and I will find out how she and her owner are doing without Bailie.

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